Chinese Wonderland vol.4 textbook with CD-Traditional 華語小學堂

Chinese Wonderland vol.4 textbook with CD-Traditional 華語小學堂

ISBN: 4713273780130
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Chinese Wonderland is a six-volume text designed for young students of Chinese as a Foreign Language classes. The topics comply with Stage I and Stage II of the World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. The concept and content both comply with the 5Cs standard established by america Council on the Teaching of the Foreign Languages and World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools. Students are enabled to continue the study of Chinese language at an intermediate level of middle school curriculum after completing six volumes. In addition, students are equipped with communicative skills and the ability to process their thinking in Chinese.

A unique feature of Volume 4 is its two Prelude lessons. Starting with Volume 4, students will know the main characters by their Chinese names. To help students get familiar with the characters, a review section is added to the regular format. In this section, students will learn how to say each character's Chinese name, to greet a new friend, to ask and say each other's name, and to introduce and give information about themselves in Chinese.




Prelude 前導複習
  前導複習一 認識新同學 Meeting a New Classmate
  前導複習二 你昨天去哪裡? Where Did You Go Yesterday?

Unit 1 我的暑假 My Summer Vacation
  第一課  你暑假去了哪裡? Where Did You Go During the Summer?
  第二課  夏令營真有趣! Summer Camp Is Fun!

Unit 2 我的校園生活 My School Life
  第三課  我的一天 My Day
  第四課  我的學校 My School

Unit 3 我的社區 My Community
  第五課  我的小狗不見了 My Dog is Missing
  第六課  你要借什么書? What Book Do You Want to Check out?

Unit 4 牙齒視力保健 Teeth and Vision Care
  第七課  我牙齒痛 My Tooth Hurts
  第八課  你近視了 You Are Nearsighted

Unit 5 戶外活動 Outdoor Activities
  第九課  今天冷嗎? Is It Cold Today?
  第十課  你喜歡什么季節? Which Season Do You Like?

Unit 6 本冊複習 Review
  第十一課 你要去哪裡? Where Are You Going?

Appendix 附錄
Nursery Rhymes
Characters List
Text with Pinyin
Text Translation
Sentence Pattern List
I Can Do List