Chinese Wonderland vol.5 Textbook with CD-Traditional 華語小學堂

Chinese Wonderland vol.5 Textbook with CD-Traditional 華語小學堂

ISBN: 4713273780161
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The topics of Chinese Wonderland comply with Stage I and Stage II of the World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. Topics of Volume 5 include family gatherings on the Moon Festival; using the computer to do a school report; the transition points in life-the birth of a baby and the wedding banquette; Chinese cuisine; and taking care of pets. The topics are all age appropriate for young students to utilize their learning in daily life and expand their contact with Chinese ethnic and community.

The content of Chinese Wonderland, Volume 5, includes lesson introductions, dialogues, vocabulary, sentence structures, readings, stroke order, culture notes, communicative and task-based activities, and vocabulary list. It is especially designed for young language learners, with lively illustrations. The workbook, audio CD, and online digital exercises provide students with various resources and reinforcement beyond the classroom setting.




Prelude 前導複習
前導複習 五年級的一天 A Day in Fifth Grade

Unit 1 節日習俗 Holiday Customs
第一課 後天是中秋節 The Moon Festival is the Day After Tomorrow
第二課 中秋節的晚上 The Night of the Moon Festival

Unit 2 通訊與電腦 Communication and Computers
第三課 請問小紅在嗎? May I speak with 小紅, Please?
第四課 用電腦寫報告很容易 Writing a Report on the Computer is Very Easy

Unit 3 人生的重要階段 The Important Stages of Life
第五課 表弟出生了 A Cousin is Born
第六課 喜宴六點開始 The Banquet Starts at Six O'clock

Unit 4 中式料理 Chinese Cuisine
第七課 酸辣湯真好喝 The Hot and Sour Soup is Delicious
第八課 今天晚餐吃牛肉麵 Let’s Eat Beef Noodle Soup Tonight

Unit 5 寵物 Pet
第九課 養寵物真有趣 Having a Pet is Fun
第十課 我的天竺鼠會爬樓梯 My Guinea Pig Can Climb Stairs

Unit 6 本冊複習 Review
第十一課 喜宴快開始了! The Banquet is about to Start!

Appendix 附錄
Tang Poems
Characters List
Text with Pinyin
Text Translation
Sentence Pattern List
I can Do List