Chinese Wonderland vol.6 Workbook with CD-Simplified華語小學堂

Chinese Wonderland vol.6 Workbook with CD-Simplified華語小學堂

ISBN: 4713273780260
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The topics of Chinese Wonderland comply with Stage I and Stage II of the World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. Topics of Volume 6 include professions, outdoor activities, getting a physical exam, learning about important figures in Chinese history, and geography and landmarks. Volume 6 expands on previously discussed topics like family and school life, and includes community events and Chinese history. The goal is for students to apply what they learn in their everyday lives and gain a better understanding of Chinese culture.
The content of Chinese Wonderland, Volume 6, includes lesson introductions, dialogues, vocabulary, sentence structures, stroke order, culture notes, communicative and task-based activities, and vocabulary list. It is especially designed for young language learners, with lively illustrations. The workbook, audio CD, and online digital exercises provide students with various resources and reinforcement beyond the classroom setting.



Prelude 前導複習
前導複習 表哥來我家過中秋節 Cousin Comes Over for the Moon Festival

Unit 1 職業 Occupation
第一課 你長大以後,想當什麼? What Do You Want to Be When You Grow up?
第二課 我喜歡我的工作 I Love My Job

Unit 2 戶外活動 Outside Activities
第三課 報名童軍露營活動 Sign up for Scout Camp
第四課 露營真好玩 Camping Is Really Fun

Unit 3 健康與醫療 Health and Medical Treatment
第五課 健康檢查 Physical Exam
第六課 我已經比媽媽高了! I am Already Taller Than Mom!

Unit 4 重要的歷史人物 Significant Historical Figures
第七課 孔子是一位偉大的老師 Confucius is a Great Teacher
第八課 誰是秦始皇 Who is Qin Shihuang?

Unit 5 地理與地標 Geographic Features and Landmarks
第九課 去阿里山看日出 Watching the Sunrise at Mt. Ali
第十課 臺北是個好地方 Taipei is a Good Place

Unit 6 本冊複習 Review
第十一課 我要去北京玩 I am Going to Visit Beijing

Appendix 附錄
Tang Poems
Characters List
Text with Pinyin
Text Translation
Sentence Pattern List
I Can Do List