Developing Chinese Fluency - Textbook 1st Edition表達

Developing Chinese Fluency - Textbook 1st Edition表達

ISBN: 9789814272834
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Developing Chinese Fluency is a rigorous communication skill training program that seeks to systematically expand the intermediate learners’ vocabulary, and help them achieve advanced level proficiency in the oral and written use of the language -- particularly in the areas of description, comparison and introduction -- in a relatively short period of time.

This text is intended for intermediate to low-advanced college-level students. It is also appropriate for heritage learners and accelerated high school programs. Its modular design allows the text to be used as a standalone one-year program, or use of individual module content as a supplement to an existing course.

Table of Contents:
Unit 1: Describing Objects 描述物体特征
Lesson 1: Colors and Shapes 颜色与形状
Lesson 2: Forms of Objects 外形特点
Lesson 3: Describing Visual Impressions 描述视觉印象
Lesson 4: Describing a Scene or Space 描述场景与空间

Unit 2: Talking About Products 谈论物品特点
Lesson 1:Types of Products 物品种类
Lesson 2: Materials and Specifications 材料与规格
Lesson 3: Product Information 介绍产品特点
Lesson 4: Comparing Products 比较物品

Enrichment Unit 1: Products and Culture 物品与文化

Unit 3: Describing People 描述人物印象
Lesson 1: Physical Features 生理特征
Lesson 2: Apparel and Attire 穿着打扮
Lesson 3: Describing Impressions of a Person 人物印象
Lesson 4: Portraying a Person 描绘人物

Unit 4: Introducing People 介绍人物简况
Lesson 1: Industry and Profession 行业与职业
Lesson 2: Identity and Position 身份与职务
Lesson 3: Hobbies, Skills and Education 爱好、专长、学历
Lesson 4: Work Experience 工作经验
Lesson 5: Introducing a Person's Profile 介绍人物简况

Enrichment Unit 2: People and Society 人与社会

Unit 5: Talking About Nature 谈论自然现象
Lesson 1: Nature and Weather 自然现象
Lesson 2: Natural Disasters 自然灾害
Lesson 3: Climate and Personal Feelings 气候与感觉
Lesson 4: Disaster Report 灾害介绍
Lesson 5: Comparing Climates and Reporting Natural Disasters 比较气候、报道灾情

Enrichment Unit 3: Climate and Environment 气候与环境

Unit 6: Talking About Geography 谈论地理环境
Lesson 1: Geographic Environment 地理环境
Lesson 2: Natural Resources 自然资源
Lesson 3: Characteristics of a Place 地方特色
Lesson 4: Introducing an Area 介绍地区

Enrichment Unit 4: Tapping into Natural Resources 开发自然资源

Unit 7: Talking About Cities 谈论城市
Lesson 1: In the City 城市设施
Lesson 2: Urban Characteristics 城区特点
Lesson 3: Changes and Development of a City 城市发展与变化
Lesson 4: Introducing Cities 介绍城市

Enrichment Unit 5: Development and Challenges 发展与挑战