Drawing of Four Season  木之繪本 4 Books

Drawing of Four Season 木之繪本 4 Books

ISBN: 9787806632741
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"Wood's picture book (ages 4-6 years old to read with appropriate reading age of 2-3 years old) (total of 4)" The main contents: Spring, what color? Summer and sun, will bring any special gift? And autumn leaves, played with the game? Winter and snow, it is not to make you very happy? In four seasons, the deer went through different surprises every season, he felt good good the United States. Let us into his world and enjoy a different view of it!

這套書包括四冊:春蝶, 夏雨. 秋葉. 冬雪.春天, 是什麼顏色的? 夏天和太陽, 會帶來什麼特別的禮物? 秋天和落葉一起玩過遊戲嗎? 冬天和白雲, 是否讓你非常快樂? 在四季裡, 小鹿經歷著不同的驚喜, 每個季節, 他都覺得好美. 讓我們也走進他的世界, 欣賞不一樣的風景吧! Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and Pinyin.