Grand Auntie And Smarty Vol 1: Little Sam's Baseball Dream (Bilingual DVD Chinese-English) 大嬸婆與小聰明

Grand Auntie And Smarty Vol 1: Little Sam's Baseball Dream (Bilingual DVD Chinese-English) 大嬸婆與小聰明

ISBN: 9781572271050
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Smarty hits a homerun, yet the ball is nowhere to be found. This time he applies the Law of Reflection to locate the missing ball. Observant Sam tries the same thing during the game, hoping to win the inning, but reaps an opposite result. Hanyu Pinyin/ English/ Traditional & Simplified Chinese character.Grand Auntie and Smarty Series. The stories take place in Happy Village, a small town in the foothills of mountainous Taiwan. Ten-year-old Smarty moved there to be with his grandmother who everyone affectionately refers to Grand Auntie. Grand Auntie is not your ordinary grandmother. She's masterful in martial arts. But it is her old-fashioned wisdom and jovial personality that win her the respect from all. Along with his new found friends, carefree Sam and tenderhearted Jenny, Smarty grows to be an informed student and responsible citizen. In addition to insightful illustrations of scientific concepts throughout the 50 episodes, the audience will also get a large dose of lessons in the history and geography of Taiwan and their cultural significance today. Traditional & Simplified Chinese characters, English

This DVD contains 5 stories:
1. 先有雞還是先有蛋? Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? (Theme: 生命的演進 The Evolution of Life)
2. 小三子的棒球夢 Little Sam's Baseball Dream (Theme: 反射的原理 The Theory of Reflection)
3. 蝴蝶的眼淚(上)Tears of the Butterflies (Part 1) (Theme: 生態環保 Environmental protection)
4. 蝴蝶的眼淚(下)Tears of the Butterflies (Part 2) (Theme: 生態環保 Environmental protection)
5. 燕子低飛的秘密 When Swallows are Flying Low (Theme: 氣象知識 Weather knowledge )

DVD Specification: Dolby Digital, All Zone, 1-Disc, NTSC, 65 minutes, Mandarin/English Bilingual, Subtitle: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English

孫越、趙寧、蔡詩萍、朱秀娟、姚素蓮校長、陳秀雄博士 熱情推薦