Harvest -Workbook收穫 + 3CDs-Simplified- 1st Edition

Harvest -Workbook收穫 + 3CDs-Simplified- 1st Edition

ISBN: 9789814253079
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Harvest is a four-skill intermediate Chinese program that integrates the teaching of the language and culture. It draws students into the study of Chinese through its stimulating and contemporary readings, authentic language use, content-based materials, and engaging and meaningful activities.

Culture permeates every lesson, giving students an appreciation of the habits, traditions, and perspectives of the Chinese-speaking people in the 21st century. The program comprises 6 units, 12 lessons and covers a wide variety of cultural topics such as school life, family, festivals, Chinese ethnic minorities, famous people, Chinese literature and arts.

The Harvest Workbook, sold separately, follows the theme of each unit to provide additional reading, writing, listening and speaking practice. The bound-in CDs provide the audio program for all listening activities.

The Harvest program was designed for high school students who have studied Chinese as a foreign language for at least 3 years.
Table of Contents :

Unit 1 School and Family
Lesson 1 Chinese is Fun!
Lesson 2 My Father, Lao She

Unit 2 Festivals and Customs
Lesson 3 Celebrating the Chinese New Year
Lesson 4 Moon Festival

Unit 3 Travel and Transportation
Lesson 5 Planning a Trip to China
Lesson 6 "I Climbed the Great Wall"

Unit 4 People and Society
Lesson 7 The Hospitable Southwest
Lesson 8 Moving into a Modern Apartment

Unit 5 Famous People and History
Lesson 9 Who Was Confucius?
Lesson 10 China Highlights

Unit 6 Literature and Arts
Lesson 11 "To Borrow Arrows with Thatched Boats"
Lesson 12 Chinese Paper cutting

Supplementary Exercises
Exercise 1 Sports
Exercise 2 Food
Exercise 3 Fashion