How Far Away Is the Sun? and Other Essays Volume 2 太陽的遠近

How Far Away Is the Sun? and Other Essays Volume 2 太陽的遠近

ISBN: 9780887275357
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Readings in Chinese Culture Series, Volume 2

How Far Away Is the Sun? is the second of a five-volume series of supplemental reading material that corresponds to five different levels of ACTFL proficiency guidelines. This collection of ten original essays is ideal for intermediate students in their first semester of second-year Chinese, or at the "Intermediate-Mid" level.

"How far away is the sun?" is a traditional philosophical conundrum most Chinese children can readily explain. With this reader, non-native learners of Chinese will understand this Confucian query as well as other challenging cultural questions, while solidifying their Chinese language skills.

How Far Away Is the Sun? satisfies the need for fun and interesting supplementary reading material for Chinese language learners.

Each 500-700 character essay is printed in simplified and traditional characters on facing pages. A vocabulary list, related words and expressions, and an optional exercise section accompany each lesson. Pinyin versions of each essay can be found in the appendix.

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1. 小霞的网恋 / 小霞的網戀 Xiǎo Xiá’s Internet Romance
2. 小丽想跟谁结婚? / 小麗想跟誰結婚? Whom Should Xiǎo Lì Marry?
3. 不听话的太阳 / 不聽話的太陽 The Naughty Sun
4. 月宫里的嫦娥 / 月宮裡的嫦娥 The Moon Palace’s Cháng’é
5. 喜欢吃中国菜 / 喜歡吃中國菜 Enjoying Chinese Food
6. 中国画儿里有意思 / 中國畫兒裡有意思 Chinese Paintings and Their Meanings
7. 太阳的远近 / 太陽的遠近 How Far Away is the Sun?
8. 自以为聪明的人 / 自以為聰明的人 People Who Think They’re Smart
9. 有礼貌地称呼人 / 有禮貌地稱呼人 Addressing People Politely
10. 独生子女长大了 / 獨生子女長大了 China’s Only Children Grow Up

附录一 拼音课文 / 拼音課文 Appendix 1 Texts with Pinyin
附录二 练习答案 / 練習答案 Appendix 2 Answer Key
生词索引 / 生詞索引 Vocabulary Index (Alphabetical by Pinyin)