Huanying歡迎, Volume 1, Part 2-Teacher's Book

Huanying歡迎, Volume 1, Part 2-Teacher's Book

ISBN: 9780887277061
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recognize this need, and have responded with a bilingual Teacher's Book that contains all the essential resources needed to teach the Huanyingfeatures:

Copies of all student workbook activities with answer keys
Side notes that correspond to specific activities and suggestions on how to facilitate a learner-centered classroom using a variety of teaching methods
Transcripts of the Huanying Workbook Volume 1, Part 2 listening passages
An appendix of ready-to-use quizzes and unit tests (including teacher versions with answer keys)
Following the structure of the Huanying student workbooks, the Volume 1 Teacher's Books are divided into two parts, one for each semester. Volume 1, Part 2 covers the second semester of study. This book is in simplified Chinese characters and English.

Unit 4 日常用品 Things We Use Every Day
4.1 这是谁的书包?Whose Backpack Is This?
4.2 我带书去学校 I Take Books to School
4.3 买文具 Buying School Supplies
4.4 网上词典 Online Dictionaries
4.5 我带滑板 I Will Take a Skateboard
4.6 第四单元复习 Review of Unit 4

Unit 5 娱乐活动 Things I Do for Fun
5.1 看电影 Seeing a Movie
5.2 音乐 Music
5.3 电脑游戏 Computer Games
5.4 旅行 Travel
5.5 看电视 Watching TV
5.6 第五单元复习 Review of Unit 5

Unit 6 我们生活的地方The Places where We Live
6.1 中国的城市 Chinese Cities
6.2 我们的学校 Our School
6.3 我的房间 My Room
6.4 在哪儿买汉语书? Where to Buy a Chinese Book?
6.5 请来参加我的晚会 Please Come to My Party
6.6 第六单元复习 Review of Unit 6

附录:单元测验及考试 Appendix: Unit Quizzes and Tests

About the Series:
Huanying, Cheng & Tsui’s Chinese curriculum designed for secondary schools, was developed in accordance with ACTFL National Standards to meet the growing need for high-school materials. Set in an international school in Shanghai, Huanying's storyline follows the lives of a diverse group of students, both at school and at home to embed extensive language practice in a meaningful context. Huanying engages students in interactive and integrated language practice through fun and meaningful activities, contemporary topics that appeal to secondary school students, a full-color textbook design, and additional resources that will reduce teacher preparation time and allow teachers to focus on teaching. The four-volume series covers four years of instruction at the secondary school level, and is perfect for pre-AP* and AP* Preparation.

Huanying is organized around topics that are essential to everyday communication, such as greetings, family, common items, dates and times, transportation, food and drink, and school. Volumes 1 and 2 each contain six units; Volumes 3 and 4 have four units. Each unit has five new lessons and one review lesson. Volumes 1 and 2 introduce approximately 500 essential vocabulary terms each, while Volume 3 introduces over 400 words. In addition, Volume 1 includes about 150 supplementary words and Volume 2 includes about 300 supplementary words. Volumes 3 and 4 have around 200 supplementary words each. Huanying’s simple, yet systematic, language notes introduce students to accurate and natural use of the language. Activities in the corresponding Huanying workbooks are skill-integrated, meaning nearly all exercises involve two or more language skills; this structure mirrors real-life usage and helps improve students’ overall language proficiency.

Huanying contains the perfect mix of ingredients to ensure that the students’ learning experience is continuously intertwined with the “5-Cs” of foreign language learning—communication, culture, connections, comparisons, and communities—as established by the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning. The Huanying series contains a wealth of cultural information, exposing students to modern Chinese life while giving them an important grounding in Chinese idioms, legends, and traditions. By starting with a communicative approach and combining it with carefully crafted activities that embed repetitive language practice in a meaningful context, the authors of Huanying have created a practical and fun learner-centered experience for secondary school students.