Huanying 歡迎 Volume 1- Textbook-Simplified-Hardcover

Huanying 歡迎 Volume 1- Textbook-Simplified-Hardcover

ISBN: 9780887276620
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The Huanying, Volume 1 textbook is designed for learners who have no prior knowledge of Chinese. The textbook contains enough material to cover a full-year course and includes six units, each with a specific communication theme and each containing learning objectives, five lessons, a unit review, and end-of-unit self-assessment. Each lesson has two dialogues or texts, a new word list, language notes, cultural notes, Pronunciation Practice (Units 1-3), a more extensive glimpse into Chinese culture (Units 4-6), and some knowledge-related language activities. In Volume 1, the first few lessons introduce the fundamentals of the spoken and written language, with guided practice in pronunciation writing. Three indexes (vocabulary, proper nouns and language notes) are included, as well as three helpful appendixes (pinyin tone & spelling rules, character strokes & radicals, and each lesson's dialogues & texts in traditional characters). The lessons in this book are in simplified characters, with English and pinyin. Traditional characters are included in vocabulary lists and indexes. Full Year Course + Free Audio Downloads.

Unit 1 同学们和我 My Classmates and I

1.1 汉语拼音简介 A Brief Introduction to Chinese Pinyin
1.2 丁老师 Our Teacher
1.3 大卫 David
1.4 自我介绍 Introducing Myself
1.5 电话和电子邮件 Telephone and Email
1.6 第一单元复习 Review of Unit 1

Unit 2 我的家 My Family
2.1 我家有五个人 There Are Five People In My Family
2.2 爸爸妈妈 Dad and Mom
2.3 兄弟姐妹 Siblings
2.4 家庭地址 Home Address
2.5 你是哪国人?What is your Nationality?
2.6 第二单元复习 Review of Unit 2

Unit 3 时间、日期 Times and Dates
3.1 我的生日 My Birthday
3.2 现在几点? What Time Is It?
3.3 我的一天 My Daily Routine
3.4 我的课 My Classes
3.5 我的周末 My Weekend
3.6 第三单元复习 Review of Unit 3

Unit 4 日常用品 Things We Use Every Day
4.1 这是谁的书包?Whose Backpack Is This?
4.2 我带书去学校 I Take Books to School
4.3 买文具 Buying School Supplies
4.4 网上词典 Online Dictionaries
4.5 我带滑板 I Will Take a Skateboard
4.6 第四单元复习 Review of Unit 4

Unit 5 娱乐活动 Things We Do For Fun
5.1 看电影 Seeing a Movie
5.2 音乐 Music
5.3 电脑游戏 Computer Games
5.4 旅行 Travel
5.5 看电视 Watching TV
5.6 第五单元复习 Review of Unit 5

Unit 6 我们生活的地方 The Places where We Live
6.1 中国的城市 Chinese Cities
6.2 我们的学校 Our School
6.3 我的房间 My Room
6.4 在哪儿买汉语书? Where to Buy a Chinese Book?
6.5 请来参加我的晚会 Please Come to My Party
6.6 第六单元复习 Review of Unit 6