I Love Chinese- Simplified Activity & Writing Sheets (reproducible)

I Love Chinese- Simplified Activity & Writing Sheets (reproducible)

ISBN: 9781606031797
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I Love Chinese’s new activity sheets are an enjoyable way to offer additional practice and review for students in the classroom. There are 4 sheets for each I Love Chinese storybook that are specially designed to follow the story lesson and feature listening and speaking exercises, reading challenges, and writing practices in an engaging format that easily immerses your students further in Mandarin language learning. The activity sheets also include fun games and exercises, such as character coloring sheets, to establish emotional links between students and the characters in the storybooks.

An additional writing exercise sheet is available for each storybook. These writing sheets allow students to practice writing simple characters with the right stroke order in a traditional teaching sequence. This rich supplement to classroom learning comes in a packet of 60 master copies in total: 48 activity sheets and 12 writing sheets. For traditional characters, click here.

1. Greeting你好
2. What Shape Is This? 这是什么形状?
3. What Do You Want To Be? 你想做什么?
4. Where Are You Going? 你去哪里?
5. Four Seasons一年四季
6. It's So Delicious! 真好吃

7. Animals动物
8. The Insect Flew Away虫虫飞
9. What's In The Ocean? 大海里有什么?
10. Let's Play Ball Together 我们一起打球
11. I Like Making Friends我喜欢交朋友
12. I Am Great! 我好棒