I Love Chinese -Traditional  Student Workbook

I Love Chinese -Traditional Student Workbook

ISBN: 9781606030943
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The I Love Chinese Workbooks complement the I Love Chinese set of 12 books. Each workbook contains 48 exercises in a series of 12 topics, highlighting the nature of Chinese characters in ways children will easily understand. It also employs word games and activities to reinforce each lesson, building knowledge through and easy self-learning.

1. Greeting你好
2. What Shape Is This? 這是什麼形狀?
3. What Do You Want To Be? 你想做什麼?
4. Where Are You Going? 你去哪裡?
5. Four Seasons一年四季
6. It's So Delicious! 真好吃

7. Animals動物
8. The Insect Flew Away蟲蟲飛
9. What's In The Ocean? 大海裡有什麼?
10. Let's Play Ball Together 我們一起打球
11. I Like Making Friends我喜歡交朋友
12. I Am Great! 我好棒