I Love Learning Chinese-Middle-High School-Volume 1  我爱学中文.中学用书(含1张CD)

I Love Learning Chinese-Middle-High School-Volume 1 我爱学中文.中学用书(含1张CD)

ISBN: 9787301080023
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TPRS means Total Physical Response Storytelling. This series of textbooks consists of four books, which are specially designed for Chinese language classes where Total Physical Response Storytelling method is used. The books can be used for either middle school or high school learners. The focus should be on the learner's mastery of basic communication skills. The four language skills- listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all reinforced through the storytelling activities. The written form of the Chinese language is also introduced at an early stage but according to the natural development of the learning process, from Simple to complex.


第一单元 汉堡包不见了
Mini-story 1.1 你好
Mini-story 1.2 男孩儿头痛
Mini-story 1.3 你给我书,好吗?
Mini-story 1.4 男孩儿哭了
Mini-story 1.5 女孩儿的比萨
Mini-story 1.6 Nick的汉堡包
Chapter-story 三个汉堡包
第二单元 在马路上睡觉
Mini-story 2.1 男孩儿和奶牛
Mini-story 2.2 奶牛的钱
Mini-story 2.3 男孩儿的床
Mini-story 2.4 两只猴子
Mini-story 2.5 一个快乐的女孩儿
Chapter-story 猴子和奶牛
第三单元 我的书在哪儿?
Mini-story 3.1 James哭了
Mini-story 3.2 买帽子
Mini-story 3.3 麦当劳在哪儿?
Mini-story 3.4 谁在睡觉?
Chapter-story Susan的书
第四单元 买我的,不买你的
Mini-story 4.1 Debbie的短裙
Mini-story 4.2 买裤子
Mini-story 4.3 一个约会
Mini-story 4.4 我的钱不够
Mini-story 4.5 Dale的钱包
Chapte r-story 买衣服
Chapter Ⅰ
Chapter Ⅱ
Chapter Ⅲ
Chapter Ⅳ