I Read & I Learn Series 我读我学系列 第2套 (共10册)

I Read & I Learn Series 我读我学系列 第2套 (共10册)

ISBN: 9789812224118
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I Read & I Learn is the ideal series for children who are starting to learn to read. Beautifully illustrated, the series helps young children to learn the most often used form words in Chinese language in their daily life. The hanyu pinyin is put at the back of the book.

我读我学系列 第2系列 (学习虚词系列) 共10册


要是 ,因为, 所以, 常常 ,很, 还有, 一定 ,可是 ,总是 ...

D11 要是不下雨 What if it doesn't rain
D12 我不怕黑夜 I am not afraid of night
D13 我们常常在一起 We are together
D14 在花园里 In the garden
D15 爸爸妈妈和我 Da Mom and me
D16 谁会和我做朋友 Let's be friends
D17 小鸡拍照 Little chicken taking photos
D18 我们一家人 We are family
D19 我们总是很开心 We are very happy
D20 我们的一天 One day