Idioms in Comic (Trad. Chinese)漫畫成語

Idioms in Comic (Trad. Chinese)漫畫成語

ISBN: 9789881578648, 9789881578655, 9789881578662, 9789881578679, 9789881578686
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"Cheng Yu" (Chinese Idioms) is a special linguistic form of the Chinese language. Idioms in Comic, as part of the "Basic Chinese 500" program, introduces this special literature form to children. Besides presenting the meaning of each Cheng-Yu, the comic stories also come in a humourous style to add some fun to the family reading time.
Text are set in traditional Chinese characters, with Putonghua Pinyin for pronunciation.


Idioms in Comic Pack include 成語漫畫套裝包括:
啟蒙級 Idioms in Comic Beginning Reader
開門見山 (to get right to the point)
一五一十 (to recount in full detail)
七上八下 (perturbed state of mind)
五花八門 (all kinds of)

萌芽級 Idioms in Comic Budding Reader
五光十色 (brilliant colours)
春回大地 (return of sprint)
有聲有色 (vivid)
雞飛狗跳 (a total disorder and chaos)

躍進級 Idioms in Comic Building Reader
黑白分明 (a clear distinction between black and white; no confusion)
人山人海 (vast crowd)
喜出望外 (overjoyed at unexpected good news)
如魚得水 (like a fish back in water; in one's proper surroundings)

信心級 Idioms in Comic Confident Reader
口是心非 (to say yes and mean no; duplicity)
一馬當先 (to take the lead)
病從口入 (illness enters by the mouth)
東張西望 (to look in all directions)

實力級 Idioms in Comic Fluent Reader
長話短說 (to make a long story short)
名滿天下 (world famous)
眼高手低 (to have high ambition but no real ability)
心平氣和 (calmly and without stress)