Just So Stories DVD 原來如此
Just So Stories DVD 原來如此
Just So Stories DVD 原來如此
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Just So Stories DVD 原來如此

ISBN: 4714304704934
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Won the Nobel Prize for Literature poet novelist ─ Kipling original "one hundred thousand why" sweet and humorous version of why the child's mind!
The secrets of all the original ... is so simple truth!

"So the original" Synopsis

Sneak into the creator's head, glimpse the secrets generated by all things!

Thousands and thousands of species of the world, each one different, each with its own unique charm and character, so we have to admire the Creator ingenuity. Elephant long nose, cheetah beautiful spots, rhinoceros solid skin, crab practical pliers, kangaroo strong legs ... and so on, multi-colored world, wondering creator's idea is how to come? Let us sneak into the creator's head and discover the secrets of all things!

"So the original" video introduction

Unbroken innocent ride to create a creative children's fairy tale world!

Adapted from the same name book published in 1902, the original author Lajad. Kipling is a famous writer and poet. Kipling was born in 1865 in exotic Mumbai, deeply influenced by local folk, so this piece is full of deep exotic flavor.

[So it is! 】 Including 10 stories, each story is tailored for children, called the warm version of the "why." At that time, Kipling's daughter raised these questions to him. As a father, he gave birth to the idea of ​​writing such stories. Based on scientific facts, he added the unrestrained ideas of reality and imagination from a child's point of view The traces of the series together, fully demonstrated Kipling's innocence and ride the creative ideas.

The story of each film are well known animals or items as the starting point, the development of a series of unexpected plot. From the armadillo was born, exaggerated but without losing the content of the story, often let the viewer in doubt, but have to believe that as the story progresses, the audience eventually will find these stories are not true But holding the idea that "if the real situation is so, it may be more fun." This is exactly what belongs to Lajad. Kipling's unique fairy tale world.

Disc Version: DVD (DVD-5)
Video Level: Universal Pronunciation Language: Mandarin / English Subtitle Selection: Traditional Chinese / English Discs: 3 DVDs / Full 10 episodes Duration: 13 minutes per episode Screen ratio: 16: 9
Video area code: ALL area

榮獲諾貝爾文學獎的詩人小說家─吉卜林 原著 Traditional Chinese characters, English
「十萬個為什麼」溫馨幽默版本 解開孩子心中的為什麼!
萬物生成的秘密 原來…是這麼簡單的道理!





未泯的童心 馳騁的創意 打造出專屬孩子們的童話世界!




光碟版本:DVD (DVD-5)