Kuaile Hanyu Textbook Volume 2-快乐汉语 第二册

Kuaile Hanyu Textbook Volume 2-快乐汉语 第二册

ISBN: 9787107171277
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Happy Chinese or Kuaile Hanyu is a complete learning program specifically created for teaching beginning Chinese to students 8 years old and above. The program includes six books made up of three levels. Each level contains both a student’s text book and teacher’s hand book. The text’s colorful illustrations add meaningful context to words and situations to make each lesson appealing to young students. In simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English. Great for young students, age 8 and up, to learn Chinese as a foreign language from the beginners level. Audio CDs for this textbook are available. Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, English

《快乐汉语》是中国国家汉办重点规划教材,使用对象是海外11-16岁中小学生,在2010年第五届孔子学院大会上被评为“优秀国际汉语教材”。 《快乐汉语》学生用书以话题为主线,分为3册,共24个单元。每册书的课文根据等级不同,对相同的话题在语言内容上逐步拓展,表达形式上逐步丰富,难度上 逐步推进。全书针对性、系统性强,内容有趣,贴近学生生活。


第一单元 我和朋友 My Frieng and I
第二单元 我的家 My Family
第三单元 购物 Shopping
第四单元 学校生活 School Life
第五单元 环境与健康 Environment and Health
第六单元 时尚与娱乐 Fashion and Entertainment
第七单元 媒体 Media
第八单元 旅游与风俗 Travel and Custom