Kuaile Hanyu Workbook-Volume 2 快乐汉语练习册第二册

Kuaile Hanyu Workbook-Volume 2 快乐汉语练习册第二册

ISBN: 9787107207969
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Designed as a companion to the Happy Chinese/Kuaile Hanyu Student Book Vol. 2, this Workbook contains exercises for studying characters, phonetics, sentence patterns and words, as well as general exercises for speaking, listening comprehension, reading and writing. With 9 pages of color stickers for this volume. Series Introduction: KUAILE HANYU consists of six books with three levels, with both a student’s book and teacher’s book. The assistant materials include flash cards, charts, audio cassettes and videos. With vivid design and colorful illustrations, the series suits the students from 11 to 16 years old and focuses on the training of Chinese communicative competence. Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin, English

《快乐汉语》是中国国家汉办的一套重点汉语教材,使用对象是海外11-16岁中小学生,曾被国家汉办评为“2006年度最受欢迎的国际汉语教材” 、“2010年优秀国际汉语教材奖”。


第一单元 我和朋友
第二单元 我的家
第三单元 购物
第四单元 学校生活
第五单元 环境与健康
第六单元 时尚与娱乐
第七单元 媒体
第八单元 旅游与风俗