Lang Lang 朗朗, Without Pinyin Annotations

Lang Lang 朗朗, Without Pinyin Annotations

ISBN: 9781622911004
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Marvel at Lang Lang’s ability to overcome a tough childhood and become a piano virtuoso.

Discover the story of world-famous pianist Lang Lang, one of classical music’s most renowned stars. Born in Shenyang in 1982 and educated in both China and the United States, Lang Lang achieved international acclaim for his musical ability before the age of twenty. In this engaging biography, readers will learn how this contemporary cultural icon overcame the many challenged on this path to stardom and come to admire his inspiring strength of character.


Pre- and post-reading comprehension questions to build reading fluency
NEW “Where is he now?” section with the latest personal and professional information
Companion website with audio and a rich array of resources to support instruction and practice:
Appropriate for classroom instruction or independent study, the Chinese Biographies series is ideal for high school, college, and heritage learners who have mastered 500-1,000 Chinese characters.

A version of Lang Lang with word-by-word pinyin annotations is also available.