Learning Chinese-English Conversation  中國話+ 2CDs

Learning Chinese-English Conversation 中國話+ 2CDs

ISBN: 9789867438478
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The paramount goal of this conversation book is to make it possible for the learners to effectively acquire, in a short period of time, a great variety of useful, simple, easy, and understandable Chinese expressions. This book is composed of a collection of basic words, phrases and sentences commonly used in daily life. The Chinese sounds here are spelled in the pin-yin system with English translations. The pin-yin system is Hanyu Pinyin system initiated in the People's Republic of China. By using the attached CDs, the readers are encouraged to accurately pronounce the national language called kuo-yu in Taiwan of pu-tong-hua in mainland China. Constant practice will certainly make the learning process effective and interesting. One of the characteristics of this book is the comparison of traditional form(繁體字)with Hanyu Pinyin on one page and simplified form (簡體字)with English translation on the next. The contents of this book encompass Basic Words and Phrases: Numbers and Quantity, Days, Months and Years, Time, Weather and Languages: Everday Expressions; Greetings, Expressions of Thanks and apologies; Other Basic Expressions used in Appointments, Introductions, Traveling, Entering a Foreign Country, Asking the Way, Train Travel, Bus and Other Means of Transportation, Air Travel; General Terms and Expressions used at the Department Stores, Banks; Hotel, Sightseeing and Travel Agent; Telephone and Post Office; Dining: At a Restaurant, At a Bar; Being Invited to Dinner; Entertainment: Theater, Movies; Art, Music, Television and other situational Chinese expressions to meet your various needs. Constant practice will enable you to speak fluent Chinese and win the admiration of those people around you. Is Chinese difficult? No, not at all. Practice makes perfect. Let's unveil the mystery of the Chinese language! Traditional Chinese character + Simplified Chinese characters.

中國話為 中文繁體字(traditional form) / 英文(English) / 漢語拼音(Hanyu Pinyin) / 中文簡體字(simplified form) 對照。短期即可理解簡單的漢語表達模式。