Little Joy Series小乐乐丛书 (12 Titles)

Little Joy Series小乐乐丛书 (12 Titles)

ISBN: 9789812224996
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Beautiful and touching stories for young readers.

The Little Joy Series is a delightful series of readers that is as much varied in story line as it is meaningful in the values the stories inculcate. Themes like "helping one another", "thoughtfulness and consideration" and "diligence" are weaved into the stories so well that children will not only enjoy reading them and learning the language, but will also come away understanding the importance of the values introduced.

简体中文 附汉语拼音


1 啊! 恐龙 Dinosaurs
2 熊猫的故事 The Story of Panda
3 森林灭火队 Forest Firehouse
4 早起的鸟儿有虫吃 The early bird will catches the worm
5 呱呱小鸭 Duck
6 小鸟驾飞机 Bird
7 我来帮你 Let me help
8 动物美容院 Animal Beauty salons
9 月亮掉下来了 Moon is falling down
10 吼叫的猩猩 Screaming Gorilla
11 大肥鹅 Fat Goose
12 小企鹅来到热带 Little Penguin Goes to The Tropics