Live Interactive Chinese Vol.13(Simplified & Traditional)社交中文

Live Interactive Chinese Vol.13(Simplified & Traditional)社交中文

ISBN: 9781935181446
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From Volume 9, we merge the two Chinese characters together in books, CD-ROMs and DVDs.

The monthly focus is about social life. Learners are taught how to socialize with others in different situations, give invitations and compliments, and make suggestions from the Sentence Patterns. In the 3D Theater, Lisa and her sister Mary are looking for an apartment. Readers will be able to learn how to talk about requirements when looking for a place to live and describe the furnishings inside a house. Also we arrange a special Dragon Boat Festival party in the Sitcom for readers to learn traditional customs and Chinese that is spoken in social situations.

In the Talk Show, don't forget to note down the useful phrases about the weather used by the weather forecaster! Last but not least, we introduces the ancient Chinese love story: Liang Zhu. Known as the Chinese Romeo and Juliet in the Culture Window, this story reflects traditional Chinese concepts of love and family values. Till today, this story still remains one of the most inspirational pieces of all time. Images are included both here and in the DVD.
Package :Book+ Audio CD+ CD-ROM+ DVD

Content:Picture Dictionary: In an Apartment 公寓
Five Essential Sentences: Inviting in Chinese 中文邀約有一套
Semtemce Patterns: Sentence Patterns for Social Situations 社交句型
3D Theater: House Hunting 找房子
Sitcom: Dragon Boat Festival Party 端午節派對
Talk Show: Weather Forecast 天氣預報
The Story of Chinese Characters: The Character “女” 女
Live Reading: Invitation Card 邀請卡
What’s Hot: Otaku 宅男
Cultural Window: The Butterfly Lovers-Liang Zhu 梁祝