Live Interactive Chinese Vol.14(Simplified & Traditional)校园生活

Live Interactive Chinese Vol.14(Simplified & Traditional)校园生活

ISBN: 9781935181460
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From Volume 9, we merge the two Chinese characters together in books,CD-ROMs and DVDs.

This current volume focuses on life on campus and teachers how to talk about future
plans.The unit of "Tom's Chinese Class" introduces readers to sentences that are frequently
used in the classroom.From the dialogues in Sitcom,readers will be able to learn to talk
about school subjects and how to apply for a job in Chinese.

In the unit of Cultural Windows, the Live News team interviewed four people from different
countries and asked them to share their experiences on learnings Chinese and why they chose
to come Taiwan to do so. Different interviews are included in the magazine and DVD.
Package :Book+ Audio CD+ CD-ROM+ DVD

Picture Dictionary: The Campus 校園
Five Essential Sentences: Happy School Life 快樂校園生活
Sentence Patterns: Practical Sentences Used on Campus 校園實用句
Comic Corner: Tom’s Chinese Class 湯姆的中文課
3D Theater: Summer Fun at the Beach 暑假海灘趣
Sitcom: Ajiao’s Job Interview 阿嬌打工面試記
Talk Show: A Shuanghuang Performance 唱雙簧
The Story of Chinese Characters: The Character “手” 手
Live Reading: The Magic Club Is Recruiting! 魔術社招生
What’s Hot: Burning the Midnight Oil 開夜車
Cultural Window: Learning Chinese as a Second Language in Taiwan 老外來台經驗談