Live Interactive Chinese Vol.21(Simplified & Traditional)

Live Interactive Chinese Vol.21(Simplified & Traditional)

ISBN: 9781935181606
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Table of Contents
1. Hot Topics
How do you strike up conversation with your Chinese colleagues? This issue’s “Hot Topics” will introduce you to the seven topics that Chinese business people are most interested in today so you will have no trouble finding something to talk about!

2.Picture Dictionary
A collection of pictures that show the interior of offices (such as cubicles, conference rooms, the break room and various pieces of stationery) will help you familiarize yourself with the office environment in a small amount of time.

3.Essential Sentences
You will find this issue’s five sentence structures very useful when you find yourself in the following common situations in and around the office: on your first day of work, when something malfunctions, taking a call for a coworker, asking someone for help, and greeting the people you see.

4.Business Conversation
When in the office, one will often need to know what to say on the phone, ask for help, and deal with sudden situations. This unit will help you to complete those tasks as well as teach you how to use grammatical structures such as V个O, V得上, and一直到……还……

5. Practical Reading
In In this unit, an example of a personnel notification from HR is given to help you understand the writing of official documents.

6.Writing Center
Sometimes, you will be asked to give your boss a written report, or let your boss and colleagues know that you will be taking a leave of absence. In this unit, five sentence patterns are given along with two templates so that you will know how to write a Chinese letter to a colleague, client or superior whatever the circumstance!

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