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Look! Seeing the Light in Art LOOK!觀察畫裡的光(新版)

ISBN: 9789864403653
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Come see the magic of light and shadow on the canvas!
  Did you know that painters can present and interpret the atmosphere and light and shadow effects in different paintings through colors, brushstrokes and shades?

Through eighteen world-renowned works of art, this book guides readers to observe how artists display the effects of light in their works.   Concise and clear text and descriptions allow children to easily learn to observe the perspective of paintings and cultivate the ability to appreciate art.  The book is matched with interesting art activities, let the children experience and try to create, for example, let the children design a seasonal calendar, try to use different scenery and colors to express the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter; or use their hands Make hand shadows to show various light patterns; you can also use crayons to paint, and then paint with watercolors to see what the effect will be.
Award record  
★Awarded a good book for everyone to read
★Recommendation of excellent reading books for primary and secondary school students by the Ministry of Culture ★Recommendation of good books for children in Taipei National Primary School
★The Commonwealth Magazine Foundation wants to read 100 good books to recommend
★Best Children's Book in China Times Open Book Award
Author and Illustrator Gillian Wolfe has been leading the education department of Dulwich Picture Gallery since 1984. Her art book for children, My First Art Book, won a Silver Medal in America's Parents' Choice Book; Art Activity and Children's Art Book) both won the Gulbenkian Prize for best museum publication of the year. Look! Zoom in on art won the English Society's Best Nonfiction Book Award. In 1995, Gillian was awarded the title of "Member of the British Royal Family" (MBE) for her contributions to education and was elected an honorary member of the Royal Society of Arts

吉麗安.伍爾芙Gillian Wolfe 
  從1984年開始領導達偉奇畫廊(Dulwich Picture Gallery)的教育部門。她為兒童寫的藝術書籍《我的第一本藝術書》(My First Art Book),榮獲美國父母選書銀牌獎;還有《藝術活動》(Art Activity)和《小朋友的藝術書》(Children’s Art Book)雙雙贏得年度最佳博物館出版品的古本江大獎(Gulbenkian Prize)。《各種角度看名畫》(Look!Zoom in on art)榮獲英語協會最佳非小說類書籍獎。1995年,吉麗安因為對教育的貢獻良多,榮獲「英國皇室榮譽成員」(MBE)頭銜,並獲選為英國皇家藝術協會榮譽會員。