Magic Lilybug 魔法小學堂(40~78集) 3DVDs 附可愛動物身高紀錄表
Magic Lilybug 魔法小學堂(40~78集) 3DVDs 附可愛動物身高紀錄表
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Magic Lilybug 魔法小學堂(40~78集) 3DVDs 附可愛動物身高紀錄表
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Magic Lilybug 魔法小學堂(40~78集) 3DVDs 附可愛動物身高紀錄表

Magic Lilybug 魔法小學堂(40~78集) 3DVDs 附可愛動物身高紀錄表

ISBN: 4714304705191
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【Magic School】 adapted from France's best-selling picture book, set the traditional fairy tale architecture and elements, there are fairies, magic, there is desire to achieve, and then give the story and the role of more intense style and features, the overall story more tension, Each character is also more unique, coupled with the unique style and color bright, in the world have access to the broad masses of welcome.
[Magic] small school each scene is very bright, lively and vivid animal characters have successfully attracted the attention of the children. Animals in the story have some shortcomings, they will do wrong, say the wrong thing, as in real life, not everyone is polite, smart, hard-working, brave, these imperfect roles are the children's They will worry about learning, will want to make fun of others, like to celebrate the birthday, etc., each animal has a variety of children who have the characteristics, they will be annoyed, angry, will be mischievous, afraid, Lying, as not every child is a good card, each child has shortcomings, and sometimes so popular to crazy, and sometimes people feel cute to not work. These animals allow the children to be more affectionate and agreeable, and through similar roles, so that children learn how to solve or correct their shortcomings, but also let parents know when to watch how to guide children to find themselves or change their habits .
In the story, the animal's wish is very simple, for example: want the room to become clean, hope to be invisible, hope to get rid of the habit of crying, hoping to become brave and so on, these desires are the reality of the children will promise, let The children are able to feel empathy, and then learn the story of the behavior of animals or small fairy's proposal to do some adjustments and changes, which in the real world can not solve the matter, of course, the story can not be changed without reason , Also let the children understand the process in pursuit of the goal, must step by step to work hard!

Title: Magic Elementary School La fee Coquillette / Magic Lilybug
Country: France Director: Jean-Christophe Roger


1 - 才華洋溢
2 - 救星
3 - 阿西的料理
4 - 啊,如果我趕快長大
5 - 雅蒂想要迷人
6 - 珍惜魔法
7 - 造飛機
8 - 時光倒流
9 - 救命長頸鹿
10 - 鏡子裡的帥氣
11 - 最強的力量
12 - 阿西想要妹妹
13 - 費哥的複雜心情

1 - 妮妮想做小仙女
2 - 小東與外星人
3 - 善良的巫婆
4 - 光靠衣服做不了超級驢子
5 - 斑鳩米克
6 - 阿布的郵輪
7 - 阿布想要飛
8 - 有巢要有蛋
9 - 小柏也有膽量
10 - 小阿布
11 - 貼身保鏢
12 - 妮妮模糊不清
13 - 最佳拍檔

1 - 夢境人生
2 - 諾瑪醫生
3 - 阿西想更靈活
4 - 阿布的寶藏
5 - 小柏想大笑
6 - 看不見的族群
7 - 小仙女失言
8 - 寶兒和她的名字
9 - 水晶球
10 - 魔法的聲音
11 - 寶兒什麼都要管
12 - 森林之王
13 - 米克想做樂手
片名:魔法小學堂 La fee Coquillette / Magic Lilybug
導演:Jean-Christophe Roger

光碟版本:DVD (DVD-9)
音效格式:AC-3 2.0
發音語言:國語/法語發音 (可切換)