My dress  我的连衣裙

My dress 我的连衣裙

ISBN: 9787533258177
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Do you find it? my dress. What is triple meter, is that it involves an ever-repeating structures-picture "1·2 • 3" and "1·2 • 3" repeated over and over again, similar to the music beats. You see the bunnies wearing white dresses on this picture. Is it the behind that the bunnies wear flowers, rain, grass seeds, bird fancy dress almost the same? Bunny walks into flowers picture.Bunny's dress become into the picture of flowers pattern. Is not, and dresses into rain, seeds, bird pattern picture almost? If we put the little rabbit dress this painting is called 1, into Hanada this is called 2, into a flower pattern dress this is called 3. Then behind it and "1, 2, 3", "1, 2, 3", "1, 2, 3," repeated three times. This is an even a two-year-old children can understand repetition. They like to repeat and hope this duplication. Although this is a silent beat, children can be felt this musical melody in the hearts.

你发现没有? 我的连衣裙。什么叫三拍子呢,就是它有一个不断重复的结构——画面“1·2·3”、“1·2·3”地一遍又一遍地重复着,类似音乐里的节拍。你看,小兔子穿上雪白的连衣裙这张画,是不是和后面的小兔子穿上花朵、雨点、草籽、小鸟花样的连衣裙的画面几乎一样?小兔子走进花田这张画,是不是和下雨了、走进草丛、飞来一群小鸟的画面差不多?小兔子的连衣裙变成花朵花样这张画,是不是和连衣裙变成雨点、草籽、小鸟花样的画面差不多?如果我们把小兔子穿上连衣裙这张画叫做1,走进花田这张叫做2,连衣裙变成了花朵花样这张叫做3,那么,后边就又“1·2·3”、“1·2·3”、“1·2·3”地重复了三遍。这是一种连一个两三岁幼儿都能明白的重复,他们喜欢这种重复,期盼这种重复。