My First Chinese Reader- Simplified Vol. 2  Student Textbook

My First Chinese Reader- Simplified Vol. 2 Student Textbook

ISBN: 9789629781408
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Specially designed for children living in non-Chinese speaking communities, these books feature a spiral-up lesson structure that builds upon and applies previous material, so children can learn Chinese naturally--the way they would in a native environment. Vividly illustrated with a comprehensive selection of sentence patterns, easy-to-read Chinese characters, Pinyin, and colorful pictures, this book introduces young readers to basic Chinese sentences in a daily living environment. Each lesson features sections on vocabulary, exercises, character practice and a reading challenge, along with English translations for each vocabulary word and sentence. Volume 2 covers colors, clothes, opposites, sports, pets, vehicles, prices, directions, weather, comparisons and more.
13. She Likes The Color Red 她喜欢红色
14. What is He Wearing Today? 他今天穿什么
15. Her Eyes Are Very Big 她的眼睛很大
16. I Like Sports 我喜欢运动
17. Lovely Pets 可爱的小动物
18. We Go To School By School Bus 我们坐校车去上学
19. How Can I Get There? 怎么走
20. How Much? 多少线
21. I Can Speak Chinese 我会说华语
22. Today Is A Nice Day 今天天气很好
23. Which Animal Has A Long Nose? 什么动物鼻子长
24. Comparisons 比一比