My First Chinese Reader- Simplified Vol. 3  Student Textbook

My First Chinese Reader- Simplified Vol. 3 Student Textbook

ISBN: 9789629781583
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Specially designed for children living in non-Chinese speaking communities, these books feature a spiral-up lesson structure that builds upon and applies previous material, so children can learn Chinese naturally--the way they would in a native environment. Vividly illustrated with a comprehensive selection of sentence patterns, easy-to-read Chinese characters, Pinyin, and colorful pictures, this book introduces young readers to basic Chinese sentences in a daily living environment. Each lesson features sections on vocabulary, exercises, character practice and a reading challenge, along with English translations for each vocabulary word and sentence. Volume 2 covers colors, clothes, opposites, sports, pets, vehicles, prices, directions, weather, comparisons and more
25. Where Are They? 它们在哪里?
26. What Does Her Father Do? 她的爸爸做什工作?
27. My Day 我的一天
28. Whose Room Is It? 这是谁的房间?
29. What Are They Doing? 他们在做什么?
30. Making A Phone Call 打电话
31. What Classes Did You Have Today? 你今天上了什么课?
32. I See With My Eyes 我用眼睛看一看
33. Teacher Li's House 这是李老师的家
34. The Zoo 动物园
35. Please Come To Play At My Home 请你来我家玩
36. Going To A Chinese Restaurant 到中国饭馆吃饭