My First Chinese Reader- Traditional Vol. 1  Student Textbook

My First Chinese Reader- Traditional Vol. 1 Student Textbook

ISBN: 9789629781231
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Specially designed for children living in non-Chinese speaking communities, these books feature a spiral-up lesson structure that builds upon and applies previous material, so children can learn Chinese naturally--the way they would in a native environment. Vividly illustrated with a comprehensive selection of sentence patterns, easy-to-read Chinese characters, Pinyin, and colorful pictures, this book introduces young readers to basic Chinese sentences in a daily living environment. Each lesson features sections on vocabulary, exercises, character practice and a reading challenge, along with English translations for each vocabulary word and sentence. Volume 1 covers greetings, names, nationalities, school, family, home, dates, fruit, school supplies, food and more.
1. Hello! 你好!
2. What Is Your Name? 你叫什麼名字?
3. How Old Are You? 你幾歲?
4. What Is Your Nationality? 你是哪國人?
5. I Go To Dahua Elementary School 我上大華小學
6. I Love My Family 我愛我的家
7. Where Do You Live? 你住在哪裡?
8. What Date Is Today? 今天是幾月幾日?
9. What Day Is It Today? 今天是星期幾?
10. What Is in The Backpack? 書包裡有什麼?
11. I Like Fruits? 我喜歡吃水果
12. What Do You Want To Eat? 你想吃什麼?