My First Chinese Reader- Traditional Vol. 3  Student Textbook

My First Chinese Reader- Traditional Vol. 3 Student Textbook

ISBN: 9789629781576
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The My First Chinese Reader Workbooks are a great way for children in non-native speaking environments to practice Chinese and learn the fundamentals of Chinese writing. These two workbooks help children reinforce and practice the material from Volume 3 of My First Chinese Reader. Volume A focuses on character writing and shows the evolution of the most commonly used radicals, the building blocks of Chinese writing. It also includes tear-out word cards and side-by-side comparisons of traditional and simplified characters to emphasize character learning and recognition. Volume B is filled with fun exercises and games that help kids practice and build on the language they have learned.

25. Where Are They? 它們在哪裡?
26. What Does Her Father Do? 她的爸爸做什工作?
27. My Day 我的一天
28. Whose Room Is It? 這是誰的房間?
29. What Are They Doing? 他們在做什麼?
30. Making A Phone Call 打電話
31. What Classes Did You Have Today? 你今天上了什麼課?
32. I See With My Eyes 我用眼睛看一看
33. Teacher Li's House 這是李老師的家
34. The Zoo 動物園
35. Please Come To Play At My Home 請你來我家玩
36. Going To A Chinese Restaurant 到中國飯館吃飯