My First Chinese Words- Traditional  Activity & Writing Sheets (reproducible)

My First Chinese Words- Traditional Activity & Writing Sheets (reproducible)

ISBN: 9781606031810
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My First Chinese Words’ new activity sheets are an enjoyable way to offer additional practice and review for students in the classroom. There are 4 sheets for each My First Chinese Words storybook that are specially designed to follow the story lesson and feature listening and speaking exercises, reading challenges, and writing practices in an engaging format that easily immerses your students further in Mandarin language learning. The activity sheets also include fun games and exercises, such as character coloring sheets, to establish emotional links between students and the characters in the storybooks.

An additional writing exercise sheet is available for each storybook. These writing sheets allow students to practice writing simple characters with the right stroke order in a traditional teaching sequence. This rich supplement to classroom learning comes in a packet of 180 master copies in total: 144 activity sheets and 36 writing sheets. *Note: Worksheets are in black and white for classroom use.

1. I Love My Family 我愛我的家
2. Who Is This? 這是誰?
3. What Is Your Name? 你叫什麼名字?
4. How Old Are You? 你幾歲?
5. The Balloon Flew Away 氣球飛了
6. What Is In The School Bag? 書包裡有什麼?
7. What Is Your Nationality? 你是哪國人?
8. I Am Hungry 我餓了
9. Buying Stuff 買東西
10. At School 在學校
11. Putting Clothes On 穿上衣服
12. What Is That? 那是什麼?
13. What Is In There? 裡面有什麼?
14. Sports Meet 運動會
15. What Time Is It, Old Wolf? 老狼老狼幾點了?
16. When Will The Red Flower Bloom? 紅花紅花幾月開?
17. My Family 我的一家人

18. My Home 我的家
19. Animals’ Homes 動物的家
20. Where Do You Live? 你住在那裡?
21. Where Are You From? 你從哪裡來?
22. Drawing 畫畫
23. Is This Yours? 這是你的嗎?
24. Where Is The Banana? 香蕉在哪裡?
25. What Are You Doing? 你在做什麼?
26. I Can Crawl 我會爬
27. Mirror 鏡子
28. Whose Mittens Are These? 這是誰的手套?
29. I Go To School 我去上學
30. I Want Friends 我要朋友
31. School Is Fun 在學校真快樂
32. What Is The Monkey Doing? 猴子做什麼?
33. Big And Small 大和小
34. It Is Raining 下雨了
35. Where Is The Kitten? 小貓在哪裡?
36. Going to the Supermarket 去超市