New Concept Chinese Vol II 新概念汉语(初级本 2)

New Concept Chinese Vol II 新概念汉语(初级本 2)

ISBN: 9787301075364
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The principles for New Concept Chinese (elementary)are :creative, practical, popular and interesting. This book has the following evident characteristics, First: there are many pictures in this book to facilitate understanding. Second: grammar and usage are presented in a situational context.Third: grammar points are naturally incorporated into the text. Fourth: we have tried to make the language of the textbook interesting. Fifth: this book can be use s any kind of studying material. Because it merges speaking and listening into one organic whole, this book can be used to learn both oral and written Chinese. New concept Chinese(elementary) has two volumes, with total of 55 lessons, all texts are presented with an English translation. There is no special pronunciation section in this book, but all pronunciation points are incorporated systematically into the exercises, students will master these important pronunciation points by doing the exercises. Simplified Chinese characters.



第十五课 她说我太胖了
第十六课 这是最肥的
第十七课 祝你生日快乐
第十八课 你们不想来尝尝吗?
第十九课 我最讨厌考试
第二十课 这还近哪?
第二十一课 还是骑车去好
第二十二课 不好吃也得吃啊
第二十三课 不能吃臭豆腐,不算是北京人
第二十四课 别太玩儿命
第二十五课 我的运气怎么那么不好?
第二十六课 今天晚上盖什么?
第二十七课 你饶了我吧
第二十八课 现在转学来得及吗?
第二十九课 我到现在还没女朋友
第三十课 又是去吃麦当劳?