Ni Hao, Volume 3 Textbook, Revised Edition (Traditional)

Ni Hao, Volume 3 Textbook, Revised Edition (Traditional)

ISBN: 9780887276057
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Ni Hao, Volume 3 is the third level of the series and is designed for students who have completed Ni Hao, Volumes 1 and 2. This level is ideally suited for students in middle or high school.

As in other levels, Chinese characters are used extensively throughout the text and are accompanied by pinyin which acts as a guide to pronunciation. Pinyin is gradually omitted as the student becomes familiar with the characters and vocabulary. Chinese culture related to the content of each lesson is introduced in the “Something to Know” section, designed to enrich cultural understanding and generate interest in learning the language.

Ni Hao, Volume 3 introduces more than 500 words and phrases and 151 written characters. Appendices with Chinese-English and English-Chinese “Words and Expressions” contain pinyin, English, and traditional and simplified character listings for words learned in the text. Volume 3 also contains an appendix listing Chinese Radicals. This textbook is in traditional characters.

Table of Contents
Lesson 1 第一課
My school life 我的學校生活

Lesson 2 第二課
How do you go to...怎麼去......

Lesson 3 第三課
My leisure life 我的課外生活

Lesson 4 第四課
Revision (I) 複習 (一)

Lesson 5 第五課
Birthday celebration 過生日

Lesson 6 第六課
I am sick 我病了

Lesson 7 第七課
Traveling 去旅行

Lesson 8 第八課
Revision (II) 複習 (二)



Words and Expressions

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