Origins of Chinese People and Customs 中國習俗

Origins of Chinese People and Customs 中國習俗

ISBN: 9789812293841
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Origins of Chinese People and Customs explores the basics of life for the "descendants of the dragon", including the beginnings of the Chinese people, the origins of Chinese names, the 12 animal signs in Chinese astrology, the afterlife, social etiquette and more!

Also, learn more about ceremonies and practices related to wedding, birth and death:
* Putting up the double happiness sign at weddings
* Delivering stolen melons to childless couples
* Giving children repulsive names like Acne
* Wearing mourning clothes and burning joss paper

Contents: Origins of the Chinese People, Chinese Names and Surnames, Marriage Customs, Birth Customs, Death Customs, Social Etiquette

It is estimated that one in four people in the world is a Chinese. This book will greatly enhance your understanding of a quarter of the human race!