Pieces of China 汉语阅读课本:中国那些事儿
Pieces of China 汉语阅读课本:中国那些事儿
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Pieces of China 汉语阅读课本:中国那些事儿

Pieces of China 汉语阅读课本:中国那些事儿

ISBN: 9787802006317
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This is designed especially for beginners of Chinese. It can be used as a textbook for Chinese classes or self study, or as additional study material outside of class. Using this textbook readers can experience the fun of learning Chinese while enjoying the Chinese culture. The book has a total of 18 lessons. Each lesson consists of four parts: Reading China aims to introduce the readers to Chinese society and culture as well as the language, and give them a better understanding of China. My China story consists of honest and fun articles written by overseas students about their feelings and experiences in China. Reading for Fun is composed of cross-cultural jokes and funny cartoons. Everyday Chinese aims to give students as much practice outside the classroom as possible.The text also has an accompanying MP3. Reading China is read with standard academic pronunciation, while My China Story and Reading for Fun are read in a more conversational style. Simplified Chinese characters.

单元一 走近中国
单元二 汉语·汉字
单元三 2005年中国人生活习惯和态度调查
单元四 文明古国
单元五 中国家庭
单元六 万里长城
单元七 “吃了吗”
单元八 中国孩子缺什么
单元九 “龙”在中国
单元十 书法
单元十一 北京的早晨
单元十二 现代生活
单元十三 喜欢吃的人在中国是幸福的
单元十四 “随便”
单元十五 过年
单元十六 旗袍
单元十七 年年有余
单元十八 跨文化交流
附录1 生词表
附录2 练习答案
附录3 常用汉字表
附录4 中国历史年表