Simple Stories Have Inspiration  小故事大啓示(中英對照)

Simple Stories Have Inspiration 小故事大啓示(中英對照)

ISBN: 986127605x
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Philosophical story + lively wonderful comics = happy and effective life Inspired reading idioms, learning English, increasing unlimited knowledge;
See the story, be enlightened, smart, courteous, intelligent!

With a history of more than 5,000 years, Chinese culture has given birth to many popular and significant classical cultures during this long period of time. Idioms or slang are one of the most popular Chinese books.

This book compiles a series of classic idioms and slangs that are well-known and well-known, and make learning more interesting and distinctive in vivid illustrations. In addition, every idiom or slang is matched with chic, interesting and meaningful story content To elaborate on the grand principle of the Chinese ancestors left behind to persuade their offspring.

In addition, after each story, "Reference Words", "Opposite Words" and "Similar Terms" are also planned separately to facilitate users to additionally increase their vocabulary while having the key idioms or slangs. , To reach the broad poetry, rich conservation realm. Another great feature of this book is that in order to respond to the global village trend, all its contents are accompanied by translation instructions in English so that learners can absorb some differences in English culture while cultivating Chinese culture. The two-pronged approach can double the effect.



本書是將一些膾炙人口, 耳熟能詳的經典成語及俚語編輯成冊, 以生動活潑的插圖形式讓學習更有趣, 與眾不同, 再加上每則成語或俚語都搭配上別致有趣, 意義深長的故事內容, 來闡述中國老祖先所留下來的勸戒後代的大道理.

 其外,在每則故事之後還另外規劃出「參考用語」、「相反用語」、「相似用語」單元,以利使用者在擁有重點成語或俚語的學習同時,也能額外再增加其詞彙量,達到廣覽詩書,豐富涵養的境界。本書的另一大特色是為因應地球村的趨勢,其所有內容皆附上英文的翻譯說明,讓學習者在培養中國文化的同時,也能吸收英文文化的個別差異,雙管齊下、效果加倍。Traditional Chinese characters, English