Step by Step Chinese Readers-Traditional Level A  一步一步

Step by Step Chinese Readers-Traditional Level A 一步一步

ISBN: 9780887279423
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What is Step by Step, Level A?
Transport your students into a world of vivid color, imagination, and fun as they learn Chinese with Step by Step, Level A! Designed for students with no prior experience of Chinese language, this delightful 33-volume set of graded readers takes students on an exciting educational journey as they learn Chinese through content-based instruction in science, math, and social studies. Pedagogical alignment with ACTFL’s 5 C’s and the Common Core State Standards places Step by Step in a unique position to satisfy the curriculum goals of every elementary school Chinese program: from intensive immersion to casual exploration. Step by Step, Level A will ignite students’ passion to learn through its variety of artistic styles and subject matter, serving as an indispensable component for any first year Chinese course either as a core series or as supporting material.

How does Step by Step, Level A work?
The first of this multi-level series, Step by Step, Level A starts with three Foundation stories, which introduce 34 essential vocabulary terms. Once students have mastered the vocabulary in the Foundation stories, teachers can introduce any of the 10 cross-curricular themes—family, hygiene, nutrition, activity, plants, school, water, community, time, and math— to reinforce content learned in other subject areas and provide familiar and engaging language learning contexts. There are three readers in each theme, and each reader introduces approximately 8–12 new high frequency vocabulary terms while systematically recycling previously learned vocabulary. The non-linear relationship among themes allows you to design your language curriculum to match the curriculum in other subject areas and to introduce as many or as few themes as suits your program. For rigorous programs, the foundation stories and the 10 themes introduce over 300 vocabulary terms.

Home support
Most American parents do not speak Chinese—this challenges programs and teachers to find new ways to help parents and guardians support their young learners during the study of Chinese. Step by Step, Level A provides a variety of resources to meet this challenge, including full English translations, new word lists with pīnyīn, as well as a robust companion website complete with mp3 audio, flashcards, word lists, and more. Contact your representative for samples and more. Audio CD Free download.

想要帮助您的学生迅速又系统地增加词汇量?试试《一步一步》系列分阶读物吧!每册读物的前三个故事引入了25个必备词汇,而之后的故事则在这25个词汇的基础上,以平均每册8个的速度逐步新增词汇,并在不同的话题下螺旋复现,使学生能在各种语境中接触和巩固新词,同时,故事内容和句法结构也随着话题的深入而逐渐复杂。 《一步一步》为教师与家长提供了丰富的参考资源,除了简体与繁体版本可供选择外,每个故事还附有英文翻译,便于教师和家长参考。书后附录的词汇表亦提供了拼音与英文注释。您还可以使用配套 CD 随时随地“听故事”,帮助孩子提高听力、巩固词汇。专属网站更提供了累计词汇表、单词卡片、活动页等免费资源。 《一步一步》的第一阶段阅读包含了30册读物,每册均配以精美的插图,帮助学生理解。生动的人物与曲折的情节使这些故事不仅扣人心弦,同时也为读者创设了一个有意义的中文学习语境。 《一步一步》总结了语言教学实践中的精华理念,选取K-2课程中常见的口语结构、话题与学科,让学生逐步熟悉自然的汉语对话及学科常识。 第二阶段阅读基于第一阶段的词汇,并将同样引人入胜的故事与十个1–2年级的学科话题结合在一起。较之第一阶段,第二阶段的阅读语篇更长,句法结构更复杂,内容也更抽象一些。

基础 Foundation Foundation Story 1 这里有人
There Are People Here
Foundation Story 2 三个朋友 Three Friends
Foundation Story 3 你喜欢做什么 What Do You Like to Do?

家庭 Family
Family Story1 你家有几个人How Many People Are in Your Family?
Family Story 2 王先生的家 Mr. Wang’s Family
Family Story 3 家里的爱 Love in the Home
卫生 Hygiene
Hygiene Story 1 刷牙Brushing Teeth
Hygiene Story 2 每天早上 Every Morning
Hygiene Story 3 快八点了! It’s Almost Eight O’Clock!
营养 Nutrition
Nutrition Story 1 你要喝什么? What Do You Want to Drink?
Nutrition Story 2 我饿了 I’m Hungry
Nutrition Story 3 什么形状? What Shape Is It?
运动 Activity
Activity Story 1 你和我 You and I
Activity Story 2 怪物来了 A Monster Is Coming!
Activity Story 3 那是谁的? Whose Are Those?
植物 Plants
Plants Story 1 种子会长成什么? What Will This Seed Grow Into?
Plants Story 2 美丽的花园 Beautiful Flower Garden
Plants Story 3 彩虹的花园 Rainbow Garden
学校 School
School Story 1 在学校你有没有朋友? Do You Have Friends at School?
School Story 2 我们在学校都很忙 We Are All Very Busy at School
School Story 3 我在写故事 I Am Writing a Story
水 Water
Water Story 1 春天的雨 Spring Rain
Water Story 2 流水 Water Flows
Water Story 3 风暴 Storm
社区 Community
Community Story 1 我家附近很好玩 My Neighborhood Is Lots of Fun
Community Story 2 我找不到小狗 I Can’t Find My Small Dog
Community Story 3 我家附近有什么? What’s in My Neighborhood?
时间 Time
Time Story 1 现在几点? What Time Is It?
Time Story 2 休息吧! Take A Rest!
Time Story 3 做生日蛋糕 Making a Birthday Cake
数学 Math
Math Story 1 变 ChangeEat More!
Math Story 2 多吃吧! Eat More!
Math Story 3 转盘子 Spinning Plates