Story Machine 幼福幼兒故事機
Story Machine 幼福幼兒故事機
Story Machine 幼福幼兒故事機
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Story Machine 幼福幼兒故事機

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Not only tell the story, but also teach you to speak Chinese & English. Interactive learning experience, accompany the best story of small children machine!

0 ~ 6 years of age is the golden age of physical and mental development of children, in addition to being able to use the body touch, eyes to see, the sound of ears heard curiosity, in any process of development or learning, "companionship" is the most important learning key, Through the steady emotions of companionship and parent-child interaction, a sense of security of learning is generated to help children concentrate on "listening" and "playing."

Small children's learning concentration is not long, the use of interesting story machine, containing Chinese and English nursery rhymes, so that children can sing and dance to do sports; knowledge of Chinese learning, from the story of people doing things truths; classic fairy tale, in the Enjoy the joy of a role-playing among the climax stories, and have more exciting programs to make children experience different interactive learning experiences with a 5-minute paternity. Also allows parents to record a unique story, so that children get more full of it!

The contents of "Baby blessing ninja rabbit storyteller" cover a total of 437 pieces, including the new unit "Learn to Speak and Learn American" (about 300 minutes). In the golden stage of children's language learning, they are assisted by songs and interactive situational teaching The content of the subject matter, as the natural daily auditory sense of nature, with no burden in learning followed by reading. Repeatedly listen to more children learn to increase the stability and liveliness.

Learning function

★ Interactive Learning Bilingualism: In the important language learning phase, children are allowed to experience the change of language with their hearing. As time passes, they are accustomed to the education environment of Chinese and American vocal bands. They will not have the feeling of exclusion in the future advanced learning. Build a language foundation early.

★ The foundation of the growth process Develop: the process of wearing a hat game, through the hands of the actual operation, to understand the structure of the hat and wearing skills for future self-care clothing, shoes and other activities to practice, so that children have more confidence, but also Can train your child's hand brain coordination and finger flexibility.

Listen to the language attention: the process of learning the language, "listening" is the most basic, through the creation of a listening language environment, continue to listen repeatedly, resulting in focus on speaking.

★ Activation of the brain Imagination: Only through the experience of hearing, the brain converts the language into imaginative activities and constructs a new image of the self in the brain, which is helpful for creative thinking.

★ Emotional relief sensation integration: With the recordable function, parents can not always be accompanied, with the most gentle voice for the children to tell a story, sing a song, virtually to ease the child's emotions, develop a child stable character Learn story machine.

How to play with children

1. Show the children the appearance of the story machine and turn on the power so that the story of the rabbit styling machine ears emit colorful lights, and then choose to play the music part of the song, from simple music to nursery rhymes, singing, Let him feel the warmest companionship.

2. Refer to the English and Chinese nursery rhymes in the appendix manual. Parents lead children to sing and sing together to establish parent-child interactive mode. Encourage children to sing and dance while swinging, while singing and dancing, learn the basic vocal language.

Let the children try to operate their own, to experience the fun of learning the game with autonomy. Parents play the role of encouragement and support on the side, timely help or encouragement.

4. Record a private message between the parent-child, like a gentle talk in the ear of the child, the most comforting mood of their noise, with a colorful sleep night light, night can sleep soundly.


☆ USB × 1
☆ Chinese / English children's songs, Tang poems 1 + ☆ Listening to learn to dance to learn English 1 ☆ environmentally friendly silicone ninja hat (removable wearable): keep the ear lights function, increase the wear protective silicone ninja hat, so that children can wear their own , Increase the shape, training hand-eye coordination, enhance the development of small muscles. (Modeling hat and rabbit ears the same as the environmental protection grade silicone material)








  1. 對孩子展示一下故事機的外型,並打開電源讓兔子造型的故事機耳朵發出七彩燈光,再選擇播放音樂部分的歌曲,從簡單的音樂到中英文童謠,陪伴孩子哼哼唱唱,讓他感受到最溫暖的陪伴。
  2. 參考附錄手冊中的中英文童謠歌詞,家長帶領孩子一起唱唱歌,建立親子互動模式;再鼓勵孩子擺動身體唱唱跳跳,邊唱邊跳的過程裡,學會基礎發聲語言。
  3. 讓孩子試著自己操作,體驗到學習遊戲的樂趣跟自主性。家長則在一旁扮演鼓勵跟輔助的角色,適時的給予幫助或鼓勵。
  4. 錄製一段專屬於親子之間的悄悄話,像似在孩子耳邊輕柔的說話,最能安撫他們噪動不安的情緒,加上七彩的睡眠小夜燈,夜晚也能睡得安穩。




  ☆中/英兒歌詞、唐詩1本 +☆聽說唱跳學美語1本