Tai Chi for Health Series 二十四式養生太極拳(附VCD)

Tai Chi for Health Series 二十四式養生太極拳(附VCD)

ISBN: 9789863460251
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  With a long history and national style, Tai Chi is a widely spread martial art in China. Due to the development of the society and popular demand, the focus of Tai Chi has changed from competitions to the treatment of diseases, strengthening health, and prolonging people’s lifespan. The soft and stretching Tai Chi movements and postures are more suitable for the physiological needs of human beings. Practicing Tai Chi regularly and consistently will improve one’s energy, endurance, speed, and sensitivity. It benefits people of all different ages, genders and vocations, including seniors and the weak.

  How does Tai Chi improve the human health? Tai Chi requires the participants to focus their mind and use it to lead the movements, which helps the functions of the cerebrum. It also helps improve the activity, flexibility, and reaction of the cerebral cortex to the environment, which in turn coordinate the tissues and organs more effectively to maintain the normal life activity and to promote the metabolism and the immune system.

  Therefore, it helps to achieve the goal of age-resistant and disease-preventing to a certain degree.

  Practicing Tai Chi also enhances the cardiac muscles in stretching and contracting to increase cardiac output, and strengthens the function of circulatory system. The coronary artery and the entire body are replenished with blood, effectively reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and hypertension.

  Practicing Tai Chi also strengthens the respiratory muscles’ function to maintain the elasticity of the lung issue, and helps provide oxygen to the entire body.

  Practicing Tai Chi improves the urinary system and promotes the endocrine functions, especially the function of the adrenaline system and adrenal cortical system, in order to gain more vitality.

  This sport also plays an important role in increasing flexibility and agility and muscle power in the limbs and the spine.

  This series of Tai Chi for Health is comprised of routines that are chosen specifically from various Tai Chi schools, which benefit the health most. Teachers should design different schedules according to individuals. Students should also practice according to their own ability and make progress gradually. At the beginning, one must pay attention to the key points and postures and do his best to follow them correctly.


Key Points to Practice 24 Form Tai Chi for Health Maintenance and Improvement
 1. Basic Step Skills
 2. Step Exercises
 3. Hand Skills
 4. Eye Skills
 5. Body Technique
 6. Breathing Technique
 7. Force Delivery
 8. Tai Chi and the Chinese Medical Theory of Channels
List of the Movement of 24 Form Tai Chi for Health Maintenance and Improvement
Detailed Explanation of 24 Form Tai Chi for Health Maintenance and Improvement with Drawings
Two Person Exercises of 24 Form Tai Chi for Health Maintenance and Improvemen