Tales and Traditions, Volume 2 新编中文课外阅读丛书(New 2nd Edition)

Tales and Traditions, Volume 2 新编中文课外阅读丛书(New 2nd Edition)

ISBN: 9781622911165
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Just as children gain literacy in their native language by reading, learners of a foreign language must read large amounts of level-appropriate books and material to attain fluency in their target language. Tales and Traditions was specially created to help learners of Chinese achieve that goal, by collecting adaptations and selections from the most well-known works in the Chinese literary and folk canon in a series of convenient supplementary readers. Perfect for pleasure reading outside of class, or class instruction, Tales and Traditions exposes students to a wealth of information essential for the development of cultural fluency in Chinese.

Forthcoming second edition features

Simplified and traditional characters on facing pages
New Multiple-choice reading comprehension questions designed for AP* exam preparation
New Extended discussion question that fulfill the Culture and Comparison strands of ACTFL's 5 C's or encourage further research
New Additional background information about important historical figures


I 寓言典故 / 寓言典故
Fables and Literary Quotations

1. 郑人买履 / 鄭人買履
The Man from the State of Zheng Who Needed New Shoes
2. 疑邻盗斧 / 疑鄰盜斧
Suspecting His Neighbor of Stealing an Ax
3. 杞人忧天 / 杞人憂天
The Man from the State of Qi Who Feared the Sky Would Fall
4. 此地无银三百两 / 此地無銀三百兩
There Is No Silver Buried Here!
5. 叶公好龙 / 葉公好龍
Ye Gong Loves Dragons
6. 愚公移山 / 愚公移山
Yu Gong Removes the Mountains
7. 狐假虎威 / 狐假虎威
Fox Puts on Tiger’s Power
8. 南辕北辙 / 南轅北轍
Aiming for the South but Heading for the North
9. 伯乐识马 / 伯樂識馬
Bo Le Discovers the Best Horse
10. 邯郸学步 / 邯鄲學步
Learning to Walk in Handan

II 节日传说 / 節日傳說
Tales of TradItIonal Chinese FestIvals

11. 过年的故事 / 過年的故事
Tales of the Chinese New Year
12. 元宵节的传说 / 元宵節的傳說
Tales of the Lantern Festival
13. 端午节和屈原 / 端午節和屈原
The Dragon Boat Festival and the Poet Qu Yuan
14. 中秋节的故事 / 中秋節的故事
Tales of the Mid-Autumn Festival

III 神话故事 / 神話故事
Myths and Fantasies

15. 仓颉造字 / 倉頡造字
Cang Jie Invents the Chinese Writing Script
16. 月下老人 / 月下老人
The God of Matchmaking
17. 生肖的故事
The Story of the Twelve Zodiac animals
18. 畫龍點睛
Dragon Eyes
19. 哪吒鬧海
Little Nezha Fights the Great Dragon King
IV 愛情故事
Classic Tales of Love and Romance
20. 畫中人
Beauty in the Painting
21. 鯉魚精的故事
The Love Story of a Fish Spirit
22. 白蛇傳
Lady White Snake
23. 梁山伯與祝英台
The Story of the Two Butterfly Lovers
24. 牛郎織女的故事
The Story of Cowherd and Weaving Girl