The Lamb and the Butterfly  小羊和蝴蝶

The Lamb and the Butterfly 小羊和蝴蝶

ISBN: 9787533263119
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When a Lamb and a Butterfly meet in the meadow, the Lamb asks the Butterfly where his mother is. The Butterfly replies, "My mother flies one way while I fly the other." The Lamb, who is used to the warmth and security of her mother, is astounded by this answer and follows the Butterfly all around the field. Each time she asks the butterfly a question, she discovers that the small, flitting creature is free to do as he pleases. But when the Butterfly is swept away by a black cloud, the Lamb worries about him until she discovers him on her back. As the Lamb grows more certain that the Butterfly will stay in the meadow, the Butterfly allows the sun to dry his wings and soon resumes his journey.

小羊遇到了蝴蝶, 小羊一直希望蝴蝶能留下来陪他,但蝴蝶喜欢海阔天空地飞呀飞……小羊和蝴蝶最后会在一起吗?小羊群居,蝴蝶单飞以及两者相遇所产生的趣味对话,让孩子了解包容和尊重的道理,要学会去接纳与包容不同的声音,让不同的乐器,共同合奏出动人的乐章。