The Moon Is Always Beautiful and Other Essays Volume 3 月亮總是美好的

The Moon Is Always Beautiful and Other Essays Volume 3 月亮總是美好的

ISBN: 9780887276378
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The Moon Is Always Beautiful invites students to investigate the rich textures of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture while sharpening their reading skills. The third in the five-volume Readings in Chinese Culture Series, this collection of ten original essays is ideal for students in their second semester of second-year Chinese, or at the “Intermediate-High” level, as designated by ACTFL proficiency guidelines.

A suitable supplement for any intermediate Mandarin Chinese textbook, or as reading material for independent learners, The Moon Is Always Beautiful reinforces students’ grasp of Chinese vocabulary and grammar while also strengthening their understanding of Chinese culture. This cultural focus makes the Readings in Chinese Culture series an ideal tool in preparing for the AP* and other standardized exams. Each 500-700 character essay is printed in simplified and traditional characters on facing pages. A vocabulary list, related words and expressions, and an optional exercise section accompany each lesson. Pinyin versions of each essay can be found in the appendix.

For students who prefer to read pinyin along with Chinese characters, an appendix including each essay with pinyin is included.

*AP is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.


1. 月亮總是美好的 The Moon Is Always Beautiful
2. 環境的影響 Environmental Influences
3. 東西和東西 East, West, and Things
4. 古人很愚蠢嗎?Were Ancient People Stupid?
5. 普通話和地方話 Mandarin and Dialects
6. 阿 Q精神 Ah Q Spirit
7. 手足情和七步詩 Brotherhood and the Seven-Step Poem
8. 文房四寶 The Four Treasures of the Study
9. 天干地支與十二生肖 Heavenly Stems, Earthly Branches, and the Twelve Zodiac Animals
10. 皇宮和居民 Palaces and Common Residences

附錄一 拼音課文 Appendix 1 Texts with Pinyin
附錄二 練習答案 Appendix 2 Answer Key
生詞索引 Vocabulary Index (Alphabetical by Pinyin)