The Sky Is Bright with Stars and Other Essays Volume 1  天上星星亮晶晶

The Sky Is Bright with Stars and Other Essays Volume 1 天上星星亮晶晶

ISBN: 9780887278181
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The Sky is Bright with Stars invites students to investigate the rich textures of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture while sharpening their reading skills. The first in the five-volume Readings in Chinese Culture series, this collection of ten original essays is ideal for students in their second semester of first-year Chinese, or at the “Intermediate-Low” level, as designated by ACTFL proficiency guidelines.

A suitable supplement for any intermediate Mandarin Chinese textbook, or as reading material for independent learners, The Sky is Bright with Stars reinforces students’ grasp of Chinese vocabulary and grammar while also strengthening their understanding of Chinese culture. This cultural focus makes the Readings in Chinese Culture series an ideal tool in preparing for the AP* and other standardized exams. Each 500-700 character essay is printed in simplified and traditional characters on facing pages. A vocabulary list, related words and expressions, and an optional exercise section accompany each lesson. Pinyin versions of each essay can be found in the appendix.

For students who prefer to read pinyin along with Chinese characters, an appendix including each essay with pinyin is included.


1. 为什么尊敬老人? / 為什麼尊敬老人? Why Do We Respect Elderly People?
2. 狗是人的好朋友 / 狗是人的好朋友 Dogs Are People’s Good Friends
3. 你喜欢什么颜色? / 你喜歡什麼顏色? What’s Your Favorite Color?
4. 喝茶喝酒喝咖啡 / 喝茶喝酒喝咖啡 Drinking Tea, Wine, and Coffee
5. 快餐盒饭汉堡包 / 快餐盒飯漢堡包 Fast Food, Box Lunches, and Hamburgers
6. 挂件香包吉祥钱 / 掛件香包吉祥錢 Pendants, Sachet Bags, and Lucky Money
7. 扇子剪纸和风筝 / 扇子剪紙和風箏 Fans, Paper-Cuts, and Kites
8. 星星的爱情故事 / 星星的愛情故事 Celestial Love Story
9. 天上星星亮晶晶 / 天上星星亮晶晶 The Sky Is Bright with Stars
10. 长城故宫兵马俑 / 長城故宮兵馬俑 Great Wall, Imperial Palace, Terracotta Warriors

附录一 拼音课文
Appendix 1 Texts with Pinyin
附录二 练习答案 / 練習答案 Appendix 2 Answer Key
生词索引 / 生詞索引 Vocabulary Index (Alphabetical by Pinyin)