Where Does the Wind Blow? and Other Essays Volume 4 風從哪里來?

Where Does the Wind Blow? and Other Essays Volume 4 風從哪里來?

ISBN: 9780887278815
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Where Does the Wind Blow? invites students to investigate the rich textures of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture while sharpening their reading skills. The fourth in the five-volume Readings in Chinese Culture Series, this collection of ten original essays is ideal for intermediate students in their first semester of third-year Chinese, or at the “Advanced Low” level, as designated by ACTFL proficiency guidelines.

A suitable supplement for any intermediate Mandarin Chinese textbook, or as reading material for independent learners, Where Does the Wind Blow? reinforces students’ grasp of Chinese vocabulary and grammar while also strengthening their understanding of Chinese culture. This cultural focus makes the Readings in Chinese Culture series an ideal tool in preparing for the AP* and other standardized exams. Each 500-700 character essay is printed in simplified and traditional characters on facing pages. A vocabulary list, related words and expressions, and an optional exercise section accompany each lesson. Pinyin versions of each essay can be found in the appendix.

For students who prefer to read pinyin along with Chinese characters, an appendix including each essay with pinyin is included.


1. 风从哪里来? / 風從哪裏來? Where Does the Wind Blow?
2. 新“龟兔赛跑”/ 新“龜兔賽跑” The New ”Hare and Tortoise Race”
3. 什么是歇后语? / 什麼是歇後語? What Is a Two-Part Allegorical Saying?
4. 对联种种 / 對聯種種 The Different Forms of Couplets
5. 汉字的产生 / 漢字的產生 The Story of Chinese Characters
6. 书的历史 / 書的歷史 The History of Books
7. 风水与迷信 / 風水與迷信 Feng Shui and Superstition
8. 压岁钱的来源 / 壓歲錢的來源 The Origins of New Year’s Money
9. 花儿与花语 / 花兒與花語 Flowers and the Language of Flowers
10. 《红楼梦》和林黛玉 /《紅樓夢》和林黛玉 “A Dream of Red Mansions” and Lin Daiyu

附录一 拼音课文 Appendix 1 Texts with Pinyin
附录二 练习答案 / 練習答案 Appendix 2 Answer Key
生词索引 / 生詞索引 Vocabulary Index (Alphabetical by Pinyin)