You're All My Favorites  你们都是我的最爱

You're All My Favorites 你们都是我的最爱

ISBN: 9787533267537
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So that night the three baby bears asked their Daddy Bear, "Which one of us do you like the most?
Who is your favorite? We can't all be the best." Every night, while tucking in their three cubs, Mommy and Daddy Bear tell them they're the most wonderful baby bears in the whole wide world. But one day the three little bears start to wonder: How do Mommy and Daddy know this is true? And even more worrisome to each sibling: What if my parents like my brother or sister better than me? From the team who brought us the beloved Big and Little Nutbrown Hare comes a tale that answers a timeless question with the ultimate reassurance — and offers the perfect way for parents to remind their own little cubs how very much each one is loved.